Who am I?

Welcome, loves. I'm just a normal girl with a few different things. I want to help humanity. I want to tell you about my experiences and how the hell I got through them. It's like my journal, though this way, I know that there is another face looking at a screen seeing my story. Now remember, this page is about staying strong, not giving up. I want to be able to find the ones who are alike and challenge them to take on this world. Now, lift your chin, dear. The ride isn't over yet...


What do I do?

Hey babes!HeartSo, just to give you a little taste of what I do on here, I'll tell ya! So, I'm a young photographer and writer. I refuse to give up!

In the seventh grade I was in the newspaper club. I wanted to be the school photographer desperately. My teacher told me that I could never do so, because my pictures were awful. Each shot was fuzzy and ugly. I simply practiced for hours just to gain some level of skill. I ended up quitting the club due my lack of motivation at the time. After months of shooting, I entered some of my work, and sure enough, I received rawards.Big Grin